Professional Endorsements

Ludwig Drums
Remo Drumheads
Istanbul Agop Cymbals
Vater Drumsticks
Loota Percussion
Big Fat Snare Drum
Snare Weight
Roots EQ
Canopus Snare Wires and Accessories
Mojave Audio
BAE Audio



Ludwig Legacy Maple in Burgundy Glass Glitter
Bass Drums:  20×16, 24×14
Rack Toms:  10×7, 12×8
Floor Toms:  14×14, 16×16

Ludwig Club Date in Black Galaxy (Limited Edition – Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany)
Bass Drums:  20×14, 18×14
Rack Toms:  12×8
Floor Toms:  14×14, 16×16

Ludwig Classic Maple in Sable Black Lacquer
Bass Drum:  18×14
Rack Tom:   12×8
Floor Tom:  14×14

Ludwig Classic Oak in Black Satin Lacquer – “The Revette” (from Revival Drum Shop, Portland, OR)
Bass Drum:  20×12, 18×12
Rack Tom:   12×8
Floor Tom:  14×14, 16×16

Ludwig 1966 in Black Diamond Pearl
Bass Drum:  20×14
Rack Toms:  12×8, 13×9
Floor Tom:  14×14, 16×16

Ludwig QuestLove Breakbeat Kit in Azure Sparkle
Bass Drum:  16×16
Snare Drum:  14×5
Rack Tom:  10×7
Floor Tom:  13×13

Dunnett Custom Drums Titanium Bop Kit
Bass Drum:  18×14
Rack Toms:  8×12
Floor Toms:  14×14

Tempus Carbon Fibre Shells
Bass Drums:  20×16, 18×14
Rack Toms:  10×7.5, 12×8
Floor Toms:  14×14, 16×16


Ludwig –
1922 Solid Mahogany & Re-rings, Black Lacquer w/ Brass hardware – 4×15
1966 Jazz Festival in Black Diamond Pearl w/ COB hoops & Imperial Lugs – 5×14 (8-lug & 6-lug), 6.5×14
1968 Acrolite w/ Bowtie Lugs – 5×14
19?? NOS Hammered Supraphonic 400 w/ Imperial Lugs – 5×14
1990’s Black Galaxy Acrolite (aka ‘Blackrolite’) w/ Bowtie Lugs – 5×14, 6.5×14
1990’s Classic Maple in Black Glitter w/ Bowtie Lugs – 5×14
1990’s Bronze Piccolo w/ Square Lugs – 3×13
1990’s Black Beauty Piccolo w/ Square Lugs – 3×13
1999 Limited Edition COB w/Tube Lugs – 5×14
2005 “The Chief” Titanium shell w/ Imperial Lugs – 5×14
2008 Black Beauty w/ Imperial Lugs  – 6.5×14
2010 Hand Hammered Polished Bronze w/ Imperial Lugs  – 6.5×14
2011 Hand Hammered Polished Brass w/ Tube Lugs – 5×14
2011 Legacy Maple in Burgundy Glass Glitter – 6.5×14, 8×14
2014 Supraphonic (402) w/ Imperial Lugs – 6.5×14
2014 Classic Maple in Black Galaxy w/ split Mini Classic Lugs – 6.5×14
2015 Copper-Phonic Raw shell w/ Imperial Lugs – 5×14, 6.5×14
2016 Hand Hammered Acrolite w/ bowtie lugs – 6.5×14
2016 Oak/Maple Hybrid in Matte Black w/ split Mini Classic Lugs – 8×14
2018 Black Beauty w/ Imperial Lugs – 8×14
2019 Super Jazz Fest in Black Galaxy w/ bowtie lugs – 5.5×14
2019 Super Ludwig COB/Nickel hardware w/ Imperial Lugs – 6.5×14
2019 110th Anniversary Heirloom Black Brass w/ Imperial Lugs – 7×14
2020 Black Beauty w/ Imperial Lugs (8-lug) – 5×14
2020 Raw Brass w/ Imperial Lugs (10-lug) – 6.5×14
2020 Pewter Copper-Phonic w/ Imperial Lugs – 6.5×14

Keplinger –
2015 Stainless Steel w/ COB hoops and Tube Lugs – 5×14

Dunnett –
Polished Titanium 4.5×14

Sugar Percussion –
Quilted Cherry Stave Shell – 6.5×14
Alaskan Yellow Cedar Stave Shell – 6×14
Poplar Stave Shell in Porsche Blue – 5×14
Cast Aluminum Shell – 5.5×14

Pork Pie – Hybrid Hickory/Brass Shell in Porcaro Blue – 7×14

Tempus – Carbon Fibre Shell – 6.5×15, 8×14, 6×14, 7×13

Canopus – Zelkova (1 piece shell) – 6.5×14


Snare Drums:
Coated CS Control Sound or Coated Ambassador

Ambassador Hazy Snare Side

Bass Drums:
Coated Powerstroke 3

Coated Ambassador, Fibreskyn Ambassador or
Smooth White Ambassador
(felt strips cut to fit head front and back)

Rack Toms:
Coated Ambassador (Vintage or regular)

Clear Ambassador

Floor Toms:
Coated Emperor (Vintage or regular) or
Coated Ambassador (Vintage or regular)

Clear Ambassador

Clear CS Control Sound or Clear Pinstripe

Swan Drum:
Remo Bahia Black (“Naugahyde”)


Istanbul Agop
Hi-Hats (OM, Vezir, Medium Thin, Thin, or Dark models) –  14″ – 17″
Rides (OM, Mantra, Medium, Medium Thin, Dark, Signature) – 20″ – 24″
Crashes (Medium Thin, Thin, Dark, Signature, Xist) – 17″ – 21″
Trash-Hits, Ion, Splashes, Effects (Medium Thin, Thin, Dark) – 6″ – 22″


Vater Percussion
Josh Freese H-220
Los Angeles 5A
Fusion Acorn
Oval Stick (maple)
Splashsticks (hickory and bamboo)
Monster and L’il Monster brushes
Wire Tap brushes (various)
T-4, Green Yarn, Blue Yarn mallets
Cajon Brushes


NP and DR Vintage Snare Wires  (on snare drums 4″ – 6.5″ in depth)
Backbeat Snare Wire 30 (on snare drums 7″ – 8″ in depth)
Bolt Tight Washers
Red Lock
Speed Star Bearing (for DW 5000 pedals)

Big Fat Snare Drum
Original, Steve’s Donut, Donut XL
Josh’s Snare-Bourine, Snare-Bourine Donut

Snare Weight
Snare Weight #4
Snare Weight #4 Brass
Snare Weight Jr.
M1 (black, white)


Loota Percussion Pro

Other Percussives

Bongos, Udu drums, shakers, tambourines
Dumbeks, Darboukas
Cross Crashers, Cross Benders, Celtic Bells
Log Drums
Reco Reco, Satellite Drums, Snail


I get called for lots of sessions and most of the time the places I’m recording at have great mic closets with tons of options to try out. Other times, it’s smaller production studios that have limited mic resources. Because of this, I’ve chosen to invest in a small closet of my own that I can bring to any session so we have any sound options we would like to try easily at our disposal.  This is an ever growing list, but here’s what I have currently:

Audio-Technica – ATM-25 (x4)
Beyer Dynamic – M88
Beyer Dynamic – M160
Cascade Fatheads w/ Lundahl Transformers (x2)
Electro Voice – RE20 (x2)
Mojave Audio – MA300 (x3)
Mojave Audio – MA-301 FET
Mojave Audio – MA-37
Sennheiser – E609 (x1)
Sennheiser – E906 (x4)
Sennheiser – MD421-II (x4)
Shure – SM57 (x3)
Shure – SM7-B

Recording Gear – Software

Ableton Live (10)
Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro 10.5
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 and EZ Drummer w/ all SDX  and EZ expansions

Recording Gear – Hardware

Avedis Audio – MA5 500 series mic-pres (x2)
BAE Audio – 6-space Lunchbox Racks (x3)
BAE Audio – 73 MPL 500 series mic-pres (x5)
BAE Audio – 312A 500 series mic-pres (x4)
BAE Audio – 73 EQL 500 series equalizers (x2)
BAE Audio – B15 500 series equalizers (x2)
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Focusrite Octo-Pre Dynamic
Great River/Harrison – 32 EQ 500 series equalizers (x3)


Nord Drum 2
Nord Drum 3p
Roland SPD-1 – Sampler and Electro
Roland SPD-SX Pro

Teenage Engineering OP-1
Korg Minilogue XD, Monologue
Roland SE-02

Earthquaker Devices including Terminal, Avalanche Run, Humming Bird, Spatial Delivery, Levitation, Transmisser, Afterneath, Disaster Transport SR

Ludwig Legacy Classic

Ludwig Classic Maple

Istanbul Agop

Dunnett Titanium