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A Bit About My Gear… Beware: “Geek Zone” Ahead

I once heard a story from Billy Ward that he took a lesson with Elvin Jones on a trip to New York City when he was a kid.  The drum studio had this beat up kit and when Elvin sat down at it and played it, the kit sounded like a million bucks.  Moral?  It’s NOT the kit, it’s the player.  That said, a nice kit sure makes your music making experience more fun and often times, more inspiring.  I love drum gear – LOVE IT.  As such, I have a fair bit of it kicking around. Of course, what I use depends on the gig, but here’s a list of goodies you might see at a gig or session.

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NAMM wrap-up and the new kit…

Well, NAMM was pretty interesting this year.  While it lacked in innovation (in my humble opinion), there were some interesting things to check out.  This year though it was really all about being on the floor and hanging out with friends and seeing faces I only get the chance to see for this brief sonically challenging weekend in January.  I wouldn’t say I got the chance to see everything I wanted, but amongst the madness, certain things stood out.  Here are my rather biased highlights…

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