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What’s Spinning? Summer 2016 Edition!

I like to ask friends what they are listening to when we hang out.  It’s definitely become a thing for me.  I love the wide range of answers that I get and I often times come away with more than a few cool options to check out.  So, I thought I would share some of the nuggets I’ve been checking out recently with you, good reader.  Maybe some of the descriptions will get you intrigued enough to check some of the releases out yourself.  That is my sincere hope.  So, read on and enjoy!  (Note:  you’ll see a trend in format purchased).

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What’s Spinning Lately?

Greetings and welcome to another installment of what I’ve been listening to lately.  This tends to run the gamut – truly a hodge podge. But, I really love the fact that there’s just so much good stuff to check out and,   of late, rediscover as well!

As always, this is subjective (as I think most art is).  This might not be a typical music review post… and that’s fine.  I don’t want to tell you everything… I’d rather just give a glimpse to start and then have you    go on your way to check things out and see for yourself.

But, I’ve been really inspired lately by some great stuff.  So, here we go.

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