20 Questions

20 Questions… #2


Welcome to the second installment of ‘A Different Perspective’.  This is, as I mentioned an occasional and ongoing series where I get to ask various friends in the arts (any art will do… and we’re using a very wide definition here…) about their headspace, inspirations, fixations, hang-ups, and why they do what they do with what they do it with.

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20 Questions… Edition #1

This is the first in a new ongoing series of dialogues with some of the creative people I know and respect.  The idea was to ask questions.   For me it was a question to find out how someone approaches their art and craft. What are their inspirations?  Do they work in one mode all of the time or do they mix it up?  How do they sustain their interest and creativity?

On the flip side, it is an opportunity to answer those same types of questions from people that may not specifically be musicians.

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